The Four Habits of Highly Effective Riders
with Charlie Unwin
Thursday 9 February, 2012 at 7.30pm

Olympic performance psychology coach, Charlie Unwin, gave an evening talk to equine enthusiasts at Nottingham Trent University's Brackenhurst campus. Having worked with riders from novice to advanced level, Charlie has built a reputation for his specialist experience in helping equestrians perform more consistently in competition and thrive under pressure.

During the course of the lecture, Charlie explained how - in a sport where the subtleties of a rider’s behaviour is often mirrored and reinforced by the horse - the best riders are not necessarily the most talented but those who can perform time after time when it counts.

This they achieve by developing the mental skills to help them – before, during and after competitions. Skills include goal-setting, confidence building, improving concentration and dealing with adversity/success. By deliberately focusing on these skills - especially at a young age - riders can fast-track their experience and maximise their results.

Charlie commented: “As a performance psychology coach, my job is to show competitors how they can adapt to the pressures of the sport. When I have done my job well it is this pressure that brings out the best in them.....and winning becomes a habit that is difficult to break."

Head of the University’s Animal and Equine Sciences, Heather Owen said: “We are delighted that Charlie visited Brackenhurst to enable students and those in the equestrian community to benefit from his deep knowledge and wide experience. Sports Psychology is a particular point of focus for the School’s Equine Sports Science provision and we recognise the many factors that can influence the mental state of riders and play a part in improving performance. We are keenly anticipating what promises to be a most interesting lecture.”

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