Improving Rider Performance, Safety & Confidence
Wednesday 24th April, 2013 at 7.30pm
Nottingham Trent University, Brackenhurst Campus

Fit to Ride presents a new era for equestrianism, embracing rider welfare and performance. Designed and led by Human Performance Coach – Jon Pitts – the concept uses innovative learning techniques to boost rider Safety, Confidence and Performance.

Jon Pitts came along to Nottingham Trent University's Brackenhurst campus on Wednesday 24th April.

During the course of his presentation, Jon illustrates how the concept has moved traditional riding techniques forward and allowed riders to discover what’s happening to their bodies as they ride.He will gave attendees a valuable insight into how to make long lasting improvements leading to a better, safer and more confident rider in the saddle.  Incorporated into the session, there were practical demonstrations using rider stability balls.
Jon Pitts has worked as part of the GB World Class Pathway and is working with the Equestrian Australian High Performance Program. He comments: “By having a better understanding of our riding and how our bodies interact with the unpredictable nature of a live animal, we can build the right skills to ride better, with improved safety and with greater confidence.”
The lecture offered interest to equine enthusiasts of all ages and ability – and crossed all equestrian disciplines – offering a whole new way of looking at riding.


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