Internationally renowned expert on horse exercise, Dr. David Marlin gave an evening talk to a good audience of equine enthusiasts at Brackenhurst - the first event of the Winter Equestrian Series organised by Hoyland Event.

Looking at all equestrian disciplines, he explained how to gain a competitive edge and get the most from your horse ... often t he difference between 1 st and 10 th place is only a few percentage points!

David discussed how making small improvements in key areas can help to lift overall performance making the difference between being placed or unplaced, winning or losing.

David considered selecting the right horse, effective approaches to skill and fitness training then optimizing management and transport. After a short break, he discussed warming-up, finishing with competition strategy and how to learn to build on your competition experience.

Zoe Cobb, Commercial Manager at Brackenhurst Equestrian Centre said "The lecture was interesting and informative. David was very personable answering a broad spectrum of questions with clarity and diplomacy. He is sure to have challenged the audience's way of thinking about how they work their horses and given them much 'food for thought' .

Take Home Messages

•  The difference between winning and losing is often very small

•  You need to start with good material, but basing this entirely on breeding is not reliable

•  To improve you need to be critical, brave, logical and prepared to try things

•  Training is a large area where there is room for improvement

•  Learn from human sport

•  Train more effectively and reduce the risk of injury

•  Use Tapering as a tool

•  Analyse - training & competition

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