EQUINE METABOLIC SYNDROME...what it means to you and your horse

Professor Derek Knottenbelt OBE BVM&S DVMS DipECEIM MRCVS University of Liverpool visited Brackenhurst recently to give an informative lecture to an audience of close to 100 people on Cushing's Disease and Equine Metabolic Syndrome, both of which can involve severe laminitis.

Prof Knottenbelt is a recognised authority on the subject and at the forefront of research into those and other equine problems, such as head-shaking and ragwort poisoning. In other words, he is an equine hero.

The audience was made up of many of the most knowledgeable and caring equestrians and vets from the East Midlands. The informative lecture gave the audience an in depth insight into the subject with the major message being that most of our horses and ponies are too molly-coddled, over-fed, overweight, kept too warm and cosy, wormed too well and, we are killing them with kindness!

Professor Knottenbelt believes that it will take a couple of generations of experience, re-education and a change in thinking and trends before we solve the problem. Like Western children, our equines are becoming the equivalent of couch potatoes and need more exercise and healthier diets


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